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Matt Gjerde, Geek at the Ready

Matt is the owner and operator of the full-service computer repair company Geek at the Ready.

Matt Gjerde, owner of Geek at the Ready

“When I would go for interviews the first thing the potential hiring supervisor would see was my disability. [I knew] that the only way I was going to professionally make it was if I owned my own business.”

As a business owner, Matt feels he doesn’t have to prove his ability, and has much more control over his professional life. Matt says his favorite parts of being a business owner are “being able to feel productive professionally, being able to participate in the community, and being able to help other people with my skills.”

Matt is also a disability advocate who wants to see others with similar experiences respected and supported.

“People who don’t believe that people with disabilities can be business owners need to take a look at the person, not their abilities or lack thereof. If the person has the skills, give them a chance!”

Matt believes that though disability affects the person, it doesn’t make the person. He encourages the public to offer resources and support for people with disabilities: “if they have a really good talent but just need the resources or the classes to refine their talents, show them how to find the resources so they can learn more of what they need to know.”

Through our program Limitless, we want to do just that. In 2023, we will offer services and resources to support small business owners like Matt.

Will you become a monthly supporter? Your monthly donation of any amount will allow us to launch this new program with confidence, knowing that we are able to offer the ongoing services and resources our participants need.


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