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Limitless Microenterprise Development

Equipping. Empowering. Bridging the Gaps.

Limitless exists to equip business owners with diverse abilities by bridging the gaps between their dreams and their success. 

Are you a business owner, or interested in becoming one?
Join our Small Business Community Group, We Are Limitless!


We believe that everyone has the capacity to push past their perceived limits and accomplish great things. 


In fact, many people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are the proud owners and operators of micro-enterprises that fulfill needs in their communities!

We want to change the conversation around the intellectual and developmentally disabled community, and normalize the idea that everyone--especially individuals with disabilities--can be successful in providing quality services and products in relevant arenas. With the right tools, small business owners with diverse abilities can accomplish great things.

About Limitless

Our team has spent the last 12 years assisting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to move toward independence by starting and operating their own microenterprise businesses. We have worked with entrepreneurs to teach them business principles, assist in developing their business ideas, walking them through the start-up process, providing ongoing assistance with daily operations, as well as assistance with product and service development, social media marketing and business expansion.    Limitless exists to equip business owners with diverse abilities by bridging the gaps between their dreams and their success. Whether they are designing apparel, creating home goods, or performing IT support; whether they are a business start-up, expanding business, or branching out into different products and services, we provide them with the specific resources they need to move their business to the next level and maintain a job that fits their skills and interests. In the Limitless program, we seek to offer a talented pool of volunteer graphic designers, photographers/videographers, social media marketing specialists, trends researchers and business financial advisors to assist with all aspects of a growing business. Beginning in the summer of 2022, Limitless became a program under the umbrella of the Independence Through GRACE Foundation. At ITG, we have fully equipped office spaces, production areas with specialized equipment, and packaging/shipping areas. With the support of our generous partners, we are able to launch business owners into success. We are currently accepting new applicants who utilize California's Self Determination Program.

Have questions? Visit our FAQ page.

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Limitless Microenterprise Development (LOGO)

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