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Jessica Dijkstra, Just Jessica Jewelry & Gifts

Jessica is the creator behind Just Jessica Jewelry and Gifts, which she started 11 years ago. “It’s fun and I enjoy it.” Jessica started with simple beaded jewelry, and over the years has expanded her selection and the types of products she makes. Currently her best selling products are custom baby onesies and glass cups with cute designs.

I’m proud of myself, I’ve come a long way. My business is expanding now, it’s growing, and hopefully it keeps growing. I’m making new products, going step by step and seeing what sells.”

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“I have a lot of support, mostly my mom,” says Jessica. She also has mentors and job coaches who support her entrepreneurial spirit. “Kameron (Jessica’s job coach) is here to help me. I’m really thankful to have her helping me as a coach, she’s awesome.”

Jessica is also inspired by her older sister. “She's a business owner herself so she knows all about it. She supports me and my business. She takes care of me.”

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“I believe nothing can stop anybody who has a disability from following their dreams.” Jessica knows that she is capable of doing what she sets her mind to. “You can do anything through Christ,” Jessica explains. “All things are possible.”

She maintains a positive attitude and strives to think of others, not just herself. “I like making stuff for other people that they really want.” Having a business and making things for other people not only brings a smile to peoples’ faces, but it also boosts Jessica’s self-confidence. “I feel good about myself for having a business.”

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