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Steven Dahms, Dahms & Co.

Portrait of Steven Dahms, business owner

Steven is the pun master behind his drinkware business, Dahms & Co.

“I’ve gotten used to making my products over the years.” Steven has been in business for 8 years now: he started by making hand drawings on ceramic mugs, and in 2018 he started using a heat press to transfer digital designs to various drinkware. Steven considers himself a great salesman, and enjoys talking to customers. “I love to get to go to events.”

“[Having a small business] feels great, whenever you have an event you can go there. It helps me stay out of the house and not be so lazy.”

Steven says that he’s learned a lot from his father who has run an electrician business for over 3 decades. “You’ve got to take full responsibility and make sure you don’t make a lot of mistakes, and learn to correct the mistakes you’ve made.”

Steven is a hard worker, and enjoys learning the processes involved in making his products. He takes pride in a job well done.

Back in 2018, Steven was able to take the next step in his business when he gained access to a heat press machine and special printer. Through Limitless, we will offer equipment and resources for business owners like Steven who are looking to expand their businesses.

“People with disabilities are just regular people.”

Steven is an advocate for people with diverse abilities, and believes that he can accomplish his goals with hard work and dedication. “People think that we get confused and don’t understand. That’s not true.”

Steven wants to encourage people with disabilities, whatever their goals are, to never give up. “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.”

Your support for our new program Limitless will allow us to empower people with diverse abilities to accomplish their goals and start their own small businesses. To help us provide resources and support for people like Steven, please donate today.


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