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Javier Chavez, Author and Business Owner

Javier is the author of the Evidence of Her Love, a public speaker, and the owner of a greeting card business “Divine Reflections”. Javy was born with cerebral palsy, but has not let this limit him: instead he has dared to succeed.

“My favorite part about having my own business is that I could interact with customers and I love it.”

Javy says that he learns a lot from his customers. He’s learned that some people have very different personalities. “Some of them like to joke around like me, and some of them aren’t as humorous.”

Javier is a disability advocate who uses his story to show that God values and loves everyone. Javy’s faith is an important part of his life, as is his family. His mother has had a tremendous impact on his life, and has been a warrior on Javy’s behalf since the day he was born.

“Every person has the same amount of potential to lead a successful life regardless of their physical limitations. Dares are for the brave, so challenge yourself.”

Limitless is a microenterprise development program that supports ambitious people like Javy in accomplishing their goals. Help us foster independence by donating to ITG.


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