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Kelly Starts Her Employment Journey

ITG is fostering independence for people with diverse abilities in Kern County and offering new opportunities to thrive!

Kelly's experience at GRACE

Kelly was one of the first participants to join us at GRACE six years ago. Kelly was hesitant to come to the program at first, but her aunt convinced her to try it out, and she quickly discovered that GRACE was the right place for her. The art projects, especially working with clay, are a favorite for Kelly. She loves giving a helping hand, and GRACE has given her opportunities to take part in community service projects. “I like helping people, and helping the community and the homeless.”

Kelly starts New Options

Community support from people like you has allowed us to dream big, and we are excited to be offering new services to promote further independence for our current and future participants! Limitless microenterprise development and New Options community employment are two new programs offered at ITG.

Kelly has decided to start a new journey with ITG and jump into the New Options community employment program!

“I want to attend the program because I want to gain the confidence to help with employment”. In her years in the GRACE enrichment program, Kelly has shown her heart for people and her willingness to lend a helping hand. She hopes to find a job that will allow her to work with children with disabilities, or maybe with animals! In the New Options program, Kelly will go through a discovery process, receive pre-vocational training, and job matching and support.

With your help, we will walk beside Kelly as she finds employment that allows her to utilize her unique gifts to give back to the community. Your donation during Give Big Kern will allow us to launch this new program and provide high-quality services for job seekers.

Will you join us today in our efforts to enrich the lives of adults with diverse abilities as they pursue independence?


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