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My Oreo Cookie

I was thinking about the Oreo cookie; how the dark cookies and the cream in the center so symbolizes my life. Before salvation, I was in my sinfulness and separated from God. I didn’t know him and felt lost. I could not even think that I could have a father who is so compassionate and forgiving. I lived with frustration and disappointment as well as anger in relationships partly because of the developmental issues, hypothyroidism, visual and hearing loss and motor delay, which resulted in believing the lies that I would not succeed in life. I got tired of doing it on my own. The first cookie crumbled when I realized I needed a power greater than myself.

In 1976, I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior into my heart. He is the cream of my life who forgives and forgets my sins and helped me get through my spiritual warfare of anger, frustration and disappointment of long ago. Because he, the Holy Spirit, lives in me, I can count on him my Lord, the author and perfector of my faith to continue to transform me into his likeness. He continues to see me through fire which is sanctifying me daily. I know he is in charge and an ever-present help when I call on him. He made me realize that it is in the hard times that my faith in him is the strongest. He had placed me at Adventist Health to greet in the front lobby and sort clothes. After serving at Adventist Health for six years, God has directed me to serve at Independence Through GRACE. It is a program that provides fellowship as well as social connections with each other; people with developmental disabilities have an opportunity to grow not only socially but spiritually. I am blessed to be a volunteer there.

Thanks be to God, through Jesus my Shepherd and Deliverer, forgiving my sins past, present and future. I have an identity that is true and everlasting. Jesus is coming for those who persevere.

In Christ,

Trudy Wise

(Originally Written July 2021)

Portrait of Trudy Wise

Trudy Wise is an Independence Through GRACE volunteer who enjoys attending Bible study, talking on the phone, and praying with and for people. Some of her favorite things to do are reading, playing computer games, dining out with friends, and writing. Trudy has written a series of short essays that she wants to share with GRACE participants and other readers with diverse abilities.


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