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Why I Serve on the Board of Directors

At ITG, we are incredibly grateful for the dedicated members of our board of directors as they offer guidance and wisdom for our nonprofit organization.

We've asked them to share about why they believe in ITG, and why they continue to serve on the board.

ITG Board of Directors, Left to Right: Bryan Lynn, Ken Beurmann, Josh Waldon, Grover Waldon, Catherine Waldon, Lori Kelly, Shawn Kelly

“Witnessing the incredible joy in the friendships formed, purposeful activities, and value instilled to adults with special needs keeps us motivated to be part of Independence Through Grace as it grows and serves our community” - Lori & Shawn Kelly

“ITG is one of the most unique organizations I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Their brilliance in establishing a faith-based model to help disabled individuals become valued contributors of our community is second-to-none, and it is a model that should be replicated throughout the United States.” Ken Beurmann

“What has really opened my eyes to what Independence Through Grace can do was hearing the self told stories of participants… The self esteem boldly displayed [by a participant] was a beautiful testimony and is one of the reasons I am passionate about the vision and mission of ITG.” Bryan Lynn

"Passion about the mission and vision of ITG in its ability to provide access and assistance to a typically underserved and marginalized segment of our population. ITG provides a holistic approach in allowing for and providing spiritual enrichment, community service, job training, and business mentorship where it may normally be ignored." Josh Waldon

"We believe in the mission of ITG Foundation because it empowers adults in the IDD community to live more independent and fulfilling lives. The programs offered the participants enrich their lives and prepare them to pursue their dreams of employment and purpose in this world. The management and staff truly love the people they serve and minister too." Catherine & Grover Waldon


Linda Rhonemus
Linda Rhonemus

Best place to Invest your money !! They are changing lives!!!!

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